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Patient Appreciation Party 2019 Photos

As always, we had a wonderful time with our patients and their families at Jimmy John's Stadium for our annual patient appreciation party! Thank you to all of our amazing patients for making our jobs so fulfilling!

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JDRF Walk 2018

We had an amazing day in detroit for the JDRF Walk. Thank you to everyone who came out to support and made donations for the Type 1 diabetes community! 

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Patient Appreciation Party 2018 Photos

We had such a great time with our patients and their families at the new Jimmy John's Stadium. 

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Kennet Orthodontics Superstars

We are very proud of all the great things our patients are doing in the community while showing off their Kennet Orthodontics smile!  See pictures of our patient's accomplishments -- click on photo below to view album or add your own photos:



Once again, Dr. Kennet was chosen by a vote of his peers (area Dentists)  as a Top Dentist in the field of Orthodontics for 2018.   







No More Playdough in Your Mouth!

Once again, Kennet Orthodontics improves on patient’s care by leading the way with cutting edge technology. 

Kennet Orthodontics is now using groundbreaking digital technology that eliminates the need for a gooey physical impression.  Introducing the Cadent IOC Scanner – the first being used in Macomb county.

This device enables Dr. Kennet to create an exact replica of what is in the mouth using only a digital scanner.  It visually scans the teeth getting an exact measurement.   The only thing that touches the mouth is the tip of a handheld wand.  Attached to the wand is a small camera that takes a series of pictures using 100,000 points of laser light.  These pictures are joined together to create a full, accurate replica of your teeth that can be viewed at every angle.

After the scanning process is completed a 3-D digital model of the mouth is magnified and displayed on the computer screen right in front of the patient.

The scans are currently used to create the computerized model for all our invisalign patients and for most of our patients with braces. 

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