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What Sets Us Apart

Thank you for considering Kennet Orthodontics.  We welcome you to discover the difference!

Macomb County's #1 invisalign orthodontist

Dr Kennet is the only orthodontist in Macomb and St. Clair counties that is in the top 5% of Invisalign providers in North America. We treat hundreds of adults and teenagers who are getting great smiles without braces. Our clinical team is the most experienced team in Macomb County when it comes to Invisalign. Click here to see our Invisalign treatment results.


severe crowding

No Painful Expanders, No Extraction of Teeth and No Embarrassing Headgears

Dr. Kennet's innovative treatment techniques achieve great results with no need to pull teeth. Click here to see before and after photos.


Heat Activated Wires and Springs

We use the latest technology. Originally developed for the space shuttle, heat activated soft alloys exert low biological pressure and are incorporated into our versatile appliances, resulting in a faster and more comfortable orthodontic experience.


No More Playdough in your Mouth!

Using groundbreaking technology, we've eliminated the need for a gooey physical impression.  Our new digital scanner uses a wand with a small camera to take a series of pictures and creates an exact replica of your teeth.


expert in the house

The Experts Are In The House

Dr. Kennet is a certified Orthodontic Specialist with more than 12 years' experience. Great smiles and a healthy bite is all we do, and we do it best! Click here to see what other people like you say about our office.



Made in The USA

Whether you select porcelain braces or colorful stainless steel, we only use the highest quality professional orthodontic braces. We care about what goes into your child's mouth‼ All stainless steel braces in our practice are made in The USA.



Digital X-Rays

Safer for children, using a very low level of radiation, and resulting in an instant clear view of the teeth, jaws and joints.


Heat Activated Aligners

In addition to invisalign and braces, we use a system of heat activated clear aligners to achieve minor corrections quickly at a significantly lower cost.

the smile shuttle


The Smile Shuttle

Our complimentary school pick-up service means you don't have to take time off to bring your child in, and we'll have them safely back to school in no time. 

After Hours Emergency Line

If you have a concern that cannot wait until our next regular scheduled business day, we have a clinical team member available every evening until 10pm and during the weekends from 9am-10pm to handle all emergency calls.  This line is equipped to handle orthodontic emergencies only.

When calling you will need to leave a message stating who is calling, the spelling of the patients name, a number to reach you at and a brief description of the emergency. A clinical team member will return your call shortly.  In most cases we can solve any concern you have over the phone, but, if necessary, a team member will arrange to meet you at the office to make the patient comfortable. 

Complimentary Initial Exam and Panoramic X-Ray

Every patient gets a complimentary and comprehensive explanation of your treatment needs on your first visit. Dr. Kennet, Dr. Dzingle or Dr. Wilson personally discusses their findings with you. No referral needed! 2nd opinions are welcomed.


customer service

Exceptional Customer Service

Experienced, caring and friendly team works with the person, not just the teeth.

Your Insurance - Our Headache

Our very experienced Treatment Coordinators will be able to find out every penny that your insurance should be paying towards your treatment. We'll do the research and submit all the claims. We accept most insurance plans.


No Down Payment

$145 A Month Or Less – Our wide range of payment options are designed to meet your needs. From paying in advance to stretching it over 5 years.


patient login

Enhanced Web Services

Through our web services, our patients have the option to receive email and text appointment reminders, check and confirm appointment times online, review their account information, and receive our office newsletter. This web service is available 24/7, and is a convenient way for our patients to stay connected to our office from home!


make yourself at homemake yourself at home

Make yourself at home

Comfortable waiting area with free internet surfing, PlayStation units, cable TV and your favorite magazines.

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